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Biker Chain Buckle Sling

Item #: 2507

They say about motorcycles…”Some are functional and some are for looks”…Well, we modified our original well-engineered classic buckle sling into upscale biker chic, the new features of which include dual suspender sides which accelerate quickly toward the neck, from a steep front angle, that are held stable by neck straps that cross in back and then tie in front… it also features our exclusive belted bottom design. This fabulous new version is fabricated in a blend of plush stretch buckskin coupled with actual bike chain, finished off with your choice of freedom-vibe buckles: Upwing eagle (silver or brass) or silver tone Chopper with front spinning wheel (bike chain at the shoulders, will match the buckle you choose)- *please write choice in the comments section during check out. Also check out our matching biker jewelry in Accessories. While not ideal for long touring rides, this gorgeous statement piece is sure to cause static everywhere else!

*This suit has metal on it, please see our FAQ page with regard to "care of".



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Biker Chain Buckle Sling
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