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Colleen posing for the camera with friends in their one of a kind designer swimsuits!Colleen Kelly looking hot in her retro contest bikini!

In the late 1990's, in south Florida, I, Colleen Kelly, and most of my friends, competed in bikini contests making the rounds from Myrtle Beach to the Florida Keys. We were known as "circuit girls", and our bikinis, or some interpretation thereof, had a huge impact on how well we did or didn't do in these contests. I became very interested in these bikinis...okay, I became obsessed- why some worked and some didn't, which ones looked best on who and why, etc. Having more ideas than dollars, I began to make my own swimsuits, and friends came to me for theirs. Soon it became less important to win the contest and more important that the winner was wearing my designs.

Suiting up models on the Ironman swimsuit shoot.Over the years, creating so many unique swimsuit styles for so many different girls taught me a lot about what works and what doesn't. Something magical happens when the right swimsuit is on the right person... the face lights up, the posture straightens; the effect seems exponential.

Behind the scenes, Colleen posing for a fitness magazine photoshoot in her design.

It wasn't long before the fitness industry took notice and my sexy swimsuits were featured in such magazines as Muscle and Fitness, Oxygen, Flex, FHM, Stuff, and Ironman (which also featured me modeling in my bikinis for several years)… and so my company “Colleen Kelly Designs” was born.

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Pamela Anderson in her Colleen Kelly bikini
Carmen Electra stylish in her Colleen Kelly Design
Nikki Ziering in a sexy Colleen Kelly Design
Colleen Kelly posing with Hugh Hefner and the Bunnies at the Playboy Mansion

Now Colleen Kelly Designs creates sexy swimwear for fit women all over the world. These hot bikinis  have graced the bodies of such luminaries as Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, and Nikki Zeiring and have been featured in Playboy's Magazine and calendars, as well as the television shows like "Who wants to be a Playboy Playmate". At the American Music Awards our designs were presented to celebs such as Brittany Spears, Nikki Talor, Rebbecca Romijn Stamos, Alicia Keys and Tiffany Amber Theisson to name a few (see collage below).

Style by Colleen KellyWe design these sexy bathingsuits for those who want to stand out and show off their best assets, but most importantly have something that best represents who they are.

Thanks to all of you who make this worth doing.

- Colleen Kelly

Colleen Kelly and Celebrities - Collage
Celebrities appreciating some swag bikini designs in Hollywood
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