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Fluffy Flowers Criss-Cross-kini

Item #: 2711

“She was swayed by the stars, immediately smitten by the moon, on a hot summer’s night one evening in June”. Romantic and enchanting describe this whimsical microkini with its unique cross tie front and flower garland that gently falls off shoulder and wraps around back, its paired with bottoms that have rough cut lace strip fringe ties on the sides . It is dreamy with ethereal radiance and the effect is that of an other-worldly fairy tale princess.

The top ties in back and is adjustable, and the bottoms are adjustable at the hip ties.

*The lace on top is semi sheer, to have it lined so that it is not see through, see the options below.

** Or you may want to opt for “Breast Petals” found in Accessories.



Accessories or other related items:
Line sheer part of this swimsuit $15

Fluffy Flowers Criss-Cross-kini
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