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Biker Chain Star-kini

Item #: 2513

This one calls to mind the phrase…“if I have to explain it, you wouldn’t understand”… We changed direction with a cult classic favorite, our highly rated star style top, and with emphasis on impact we added an injected boost of real bike chain (gold tone)and crafted it in our finest buckskin (also check out our matching biker jewelry in Accessories). All the checkpoints of the carved star shape are connected by metallic straps and grip firmly in place (tying behind the back they are adjustable). Good for on and off road use, this suit is CRAZY cool, and a new leader in the star “kini” line up.

*This suit has metal on it, please see our FAQ page with regard to "care of".



Accessories or other related items:
Add shorts/sarong to sexy swimsuit $49!

Biker Chain Star-kini
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