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Bottle Cap Jeans Bikini

Item #: 2416

Shakin' things up with this soda pop "POP TOP"! Actual VINTAGE bottle caps all intricately strung together make one of the most unique suits ever! Combined with actual denim jeans bottoms, like only we can! (ORDER THE BOTTOMS ONLY BY SEARCHING NUMBER 2455!). The top ties behind the neck and back and is adjustable and the intricate design on top has peek-a-boo effect. The bottoms are out of actual jeans and are adjustable at the hips. *All of the caps are different all of the denim jeans bottoms are slightly different, and may not be exactly the same ones as you see in the photo. The edges of the caps, are "flared" out and NOT SPIKEY OR UNCOMFORTABLE AT ALL" they fit quite comfy and don't feel like anything in particular.*



Bottle Cap Jeans Bikini
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